this contains 8 psds. the preview above are just previews. some of these psd’s works on most photos, but some of them don’t. but feel free to adjust the settings :) please don’r re-post these psds!

rar | zip

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psd pack #2 - black and white psds

  • contains 5 black and white psds
  • psds may need slight adjustments depending on the brightness of your photo

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download [mf]

PSD 8 download

  • works on daylight candid pictures and may work on some dark candids, if not adjust any of the layers so it suits you
  • contains vibrance
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  • Please don’t steal or repost it as your own

PSD #1

  • Contains vibrance
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  • Download here.



  • PSD specially made for black and white pictures.
  • It works on any picture as well.
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  • contains 3 different b&w colorings
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  • Do not redistribute or claim as your own.

Download: box or deviantart

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-Enjoy it!


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PSD 003 → link

  • Has a B&W option.
  • Contains vibrance
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  • Download
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  • Do not redistribute or Claim as your own.
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psd #3 → mf / da
black and white psd,like this post if you’re downloading it! enjoy!


PSD #234Like if you’re downloading.